6 Course Categories In Continuing Education For Estheticians

Regulations for those who work as licensed estheticians vary by state, but all states require continuing education for estheticians. The majority of states require a certain number of hours of coursework in order for an esthetician to qualify for license renewal. Following is a list of subjects that are commonly found among continuing education options for estheticians.

State Cosmetology Laws

State legislatures enact new laws every few years, making it important for those who work in industries that may be affected by those laws to keep as current as possible. These classes also serve as refresher courses, and some provide an in-depth look into the legalities that can affect estheticians and salon owners. It's very important to be aware of these in order to protect yourself from possible lawsuits.

Professional Development

These classes are designed to provide educational resources that can help estheticians attract new customers, retain existing clientele, and  develop a business plan if they want to open up their own shops or expand existing businesses. Other courses involves basic business management techniques, elementary accounting, and managing employees. Some classes may even offer you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a mentor who has been successful in the salon business who can help you devise your own individualized long-term success strategy.

Sanitation and Sterilization

These are two very important aspects of running a well-maintained, professional skin care salon. Being up on all the latest sanitation and sterilization techniques will protect but you and your customers from developing contagious skin conditions and infections. These are generally basic refresher courses, but some may deal with timely issues such as protection against seasonal conditions such as the flu or how to protect yourself against the HIV virus.

Diagnoses and Treatment

These courses are designed to provide estheticians with further knowledge on diagnosing various conditions as well as the latest advances in treatment. This can be a very important part of attracting and retaining a solid, satisfied customer base. Being current on the latest skin, hair, and nail care techniques will help establish your reputation as a reliable, informed professional. Researchers are constantly developing new methods to help decrease symptoms of conditions such as rosacea and acne, for instance, and your customers will appreciate it if you're knowledgeable about them.

Occupational and Product Safety

Occupational safety courses reflect the standards set by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Different salon types experience different safety hazards. For instance, there has recently been a significant amount of concern about formaldehyde emissions in certain hair smoothing and straightening treatments. Because many salon products contain chemicals that can be harmful if used the wrong way, it is very important that estheticians be knowledgeable about using these products safely. Ventilation issues have also been found to be a problem in many salons.

Although  the majority of salon products are not subject to testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they do provide safety information as well as other resources that salon professionals can use to research various products.

Current Trends

Hair, nail, and makeup trends change constantly, and many consumers want their salon professionals to be able to provide the latest looks. For instance, one of today's most popular looks that seems to be transcending all demographic groups, including age, is the practice known as "rainbowing," where strands of hair are dyed different colors. Rainbowing can be subtle, vivid, or anywhere in between, and the trend currently shows no signs of slowing down. Another strong salon trend that's probably here to stay is the practice of formerly women-only salons offering hair styling and skin care treatments for men.

There are many different ways that continuing education can assist you in crafting the career of your dreams!

Reach out to a local school for more information on available options.