Why You Need Portable Oxygen Rental

Some health conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, or severe asthma may require short-term or long-term supplementary oxygen support. Additionally, severe COVID-19 disease requires oxygen due to declining oxygen levels in the blood. Due to limited bed capacities, your doctor may recommend taking the oxygen therapy from home. Unfortunately, the oxygen cylinders are expensive, and you can benefit by hiring one. Here is why you need portable oxygen rental. You Get to Enjoy the Flexibility

Why You Should Provide Industrial Hearing Tests for Your Employees

If you own an industrial operation, you need to be worried about employee hearing loss. Industrial noise can damage hearing, especially if your employees are continually exposed to the noise. One way to protect employee hearing is to provide industrial hearing tests as part of your routine procedures. This is especially important if your employees haven't had their hearing tested as part of their routine checkups. Here are four important reasons to provide industrial hearing tests for your employees.

Sleepless Nights Lead To Sleep Studies

For some couples, one of the biggest hurdles of cohabitating is getting used to falling asleep together and not waking up until the morning. If one of the pair is constantly woken up by the other throughout the night, whether due to snoring, sleep talking, sleepwalking, or other abnormal behaviors, the relationship may suffer. Fortunately, a sleep center may help. Here's what you and your partner need to know if one of you is keeping the other awake at night.

How Dietary Choices Can Affect Neck Pain

If you suffer from mild to moderate chronic neck pain, then your doctor may have recommended anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen. Severe neck pain may not respond to over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, and because of this, your physician may recommend prescription pain medications. While effective in treating severe neck pain, prescription pain medications can cause significant side effects and may even lead to addiction. If you are interested in non-pharmaceutical neck pain treatment options, consider changing your diet.

Tired Of Those Stubborn Body Fats? Prepare For Coolsculpting Treatment With These 3 Steps

You've probably heard about Coolsculpting, but if not, don't worry, as this post offers more insights into this procedure. Coolsculpting is generally a non-invasive procedure used to reduce excessive fat cells in your subcutaneous skin layer without the need for surgery. Today, many people are considering different weight loss approaches, including Coolsculpting, which offers a host of benefits. If you've made up your mind to try this procedure, read on to learn various ways to prepare for Coolsculpting treatment.