Shopping For Scrubs? Consider These Shirt Styles

When you shop for women's medical scrubs to wear at work, you have all sorts of designs to consider. A supplier that carries a wide range of scrubs will have garments in conventional colors, as well as some that are a little more vibrant. When it comes to the design of your attire, there are many different shirt styles that are available. As you browse your options, it's important to know that there's no right or wrong way to proceed. Instead, you can simply evaluate which styles resonate with you. Here are three shirt styles that you'll encounter.


You'll find a wide selection of medical scrubs with a V-neck design, which can be a look that you favor. There are all sorts of advantages to wearing V-neck scrubs. If you have a short neck, for example, the shape of the V-neck design can help to make your neck look longer. Some people also favor V-neck shirts if they have wide shoulders as this cut may help to make their shoulders look a little more narrow. You want to feel confident when you're at work, and if you feel that V-neck scrubs will help you to look your best, they'll be a good option.

Crew Neck

Crew neck scrubs, which have a round neckline that is typically cut so that it sits close to the base of your throat, are another popular style that you'll notice when you shop. This may be a design that you wish to buy. Many women find this style appealing over a V-neck because it's less revealing when you are moving around. When you're wearing a crew neck top, it will typically gape open less when you bend forward, which is something that you likely do countless times while assisting patients during your daily shifts. This may help you feel more comfortable when you're bending to work with patients.


Some medical scrubs have buttons down their front, and this can be a style that appeals to you. Some have buttons down the entirety of the shirt, much like a dress shirt, while others have buttons that run only partway down the front. You might find that buttons on the front of your scrubs help to give them more of a professional look, or maybe you find that it's easier or more comfortable to change in and out of this garment by buttoning and unbuttoning it instead of pulling it over your head.

Visit a medical garment supplier to browse these and other scrubs.