How to Effectively Pump Breastmilk for Your Baby

Breastfeeding is one healthy method to ensure your baby is fed. Some mothers choose to breastfeed exclusively. Others have to use a breast pump for a variety of reasons. Whether a mother has to return to work or just chooses to pump for convenience, pumping can be beneficial. Pumping breastmilk can be complex, so the following tips can be helpful:

Stay Calm

Stress is a hindrance for breastfeeding mothers. Easier said than done, but mothers must try to remain relaxed when pumping to fully release the milk. Try to find a quiet place to pump without too many distractions. Listen to relaxing music or your favorite audiobook to help keep you calm.

Get on a Schedule

Just like feeding directly from the breast, you must pump regularly to maintain your supply. The more often you can pump, the more milk you will get. Try to pump both breasts equally with a double breast pump for even results.

Drink A Lot of Water

Hydration is crucial for breastmilk production. You should consume water throughout the day. Avoid sugary drinks or caffeine as much as possible. Sugar and caffeine can get into your breastmilk and keep your baby awake.

Take Self Care Seriously

It can be hard to give yourself attention when your focus is on your new baby. Still, it is crucial to care for yourself to ensure you can produce enough milk for your baby. You should eat a healthy diet, exercise, and get enough rest. Also, take advantage of any help that is offered to you. If someone offers to bring you a meal or do your laundry, take the help without question. The more rest you can get, the more effectively you will be able to provide breastmilk for your baby.

Breast Feed Baby When Possible

Although you pump milk, try to feed your baby directly from the breast when possible. You will produce more milk with your baby present than with a pump due to the endorphins going through your body. Your baby will also more effectively empty your breast, triggering your body to make more milk and maintain a healthy supply.

Breastfeeding is beautiful, no matter how you do it. If you are having trouble with breastfeeding, please see a lactation consultant at your pediatrician's office. It may seem easy to give up but keep going. The process will get easier as you get the hang of it.