Chiropractic EHR Software: 3 Features Mobile Chiropractors Should Look For To Maximize Efficiency

Time is up! Chiropractic clinics are required to install chiropractic EHR (Electronic Health Record) software programs to help maximize the efficiency of their workplace productivity and performance. Chiropractors who are able to comply with the conditions of implementations that have been established by Medicare can receive reimbursements of up to $44,000, and those who refuse to jump on the bandwagon will be subject to a 1% penalty fee by Medicare in 2015 that will progressively become a larger percentage. If you are on the market for the perfect chiropractic EHR software for your mobile office, here are 3 features that you should look for to maximize overall efficiency.

Cloud Based Storage vs. Local Storage 

Chiropractors who are always on the move or who are willing to offer mobile services will want to differentiate between whether they are signing up for cloud based storage or local storage. While local storage has been considered as a more secure option, those with cloud-based storage can access the chiropractic EHR software solutions on-the-go provided that they have an internet connection. This means that multiple rooms or multiple chiropractors within the same clinic can enjoy the same software program. 

In addition, since cloud-based software programs store all of their data and information on external servers, your team will not have to deal with the technical components of the software program and hard drive crashes will not put all patient's information at risk.

Although cloud based storage options can offer numerous benefits, they also require an internet connection. Chiropractic clinics that are located in rural areas or in areas with slow internet connection may find that they will have a hard time accessing the information that they need.

Additional Features Like Touch Capabilities For More Devices

Advancements in technologies have allowed for many chiropractic EHR software programs to have touch capabilities in order to simplify overall use. Chiropractors are able to access each patient's medical history and files through a tablet. The touch capabilities can help improve mobility and offer a simpler and more efficient design that is easier to use.

Touch capabilities are most beneficial for chiropractors with a mobile office because they do not have the time to type everything out into the system. Keep in mind that bringing along a tablet will also be a lot simpler and easier than bringing along an entire computer or even a large laptop. The touch capabilities will allow chiropractors to choose between different options and record different settings with a simple touch of a button. This will minimize any disruptions in service that clients may experience.

Overall Security And Backup Data

Last but not least, if you're always on-the-go, you may be connecting to different internet connections at all times. It is important to determine whether the chiropractic EHR software programs are secure, and will prevent confidential medical information from being easily hacked. Most experts recommend looking for chiropractic EHR software programs that are encrypted. 

In addition, make sure that all of the data and information is backed up regularly to an external server. Consider the amount of times that the software programs backup the information and data that is stored within. You also want to make sure that a faulty internet connection will not cause you to lose all of the information that you have just recorded. 


Mobile chiropractors require different services and features from their chiropractic EHR software than chiropractors who will be staying within their offices throughout the entire day. Some chiropractic EHR software programs even have a communication platform incorporated into their design, so that chiropractors who are on-the-go can still communicate and connect with other professionals who may be running their office.