Cancer Pain Management - Making The Most Of Your Medical Marijuana

If you have cancer, then you will likely go through quite a bit of pain while dealing with the disease. This is especially true if the cancer is more advanced or if you have large tumors pressing on the nerves within your body. Not only will the cancer itself cause pain, but so can surgeries as well as radiation and chemotherapy treatments. A pain management center can offer assistance in managing chronic or long-term pain. If you live in one of the 23 states where medical marijuana is legal, then you may be able to consider this alternative pain management treatment. To get the most of your medical marijuana, keep reading.

Skip the Joint

Many people who are somewhat unfamiliar with medical marijuana may believe that smoking the plant is the only way to receive benefits. This is not true, but the inhalation of marijuana allows you to feel the beneficial effects within 5 to 10 minutes, where other methods can take up to 60 minutes. However, you should know that smoking a traditional joint or placing the marijuana in a pipe will expose you to carcinogens. This is often counterintuitive to individuals who are trying to fight the pain caused by cancer in the first place. Also, inhaling any kind of smoke can irritate the lungs and cause tar to be deposited across the sensitive tissues. If you still want to feel the quick effects from smoking marijuana, then consider using a vaporizer instead. These devices use cannabis oil, wax, or dried leaves to produce smoke free vapor.

Non-Inhalation Methods

If marijuana inhalation is not something that you are interested in, then you have the option of using a tincture instead. A tincture is a mixture of alcohol and cannabis in a concentrated liquid solution. While this medicine can easily be placed underneath the tongue so that the mucous membranes within the mouth can quickly absorb it, you should understand that you probably only need a few drops to gain the benefits. This means being conservative with doses until you are sure you know how much to consume.

Edibles are a good option too, and these are small sweet treats or drinks. Usually, the treats are cookies, brownies, or other dessert foods to make the cannabis consumption process a pleasant one. Also, these types of food items are meant to mask the musty taste of the cannabis. If you do decide to try some edibles, then make sure to eat only a small amount of the treat at one time, because it will need to be fully digested before you feel the effects. Try eating one-quarter of it and waiting about 60 minutes before consuming more. 

If muscle aches, headaches, sores, or other external issues are causing you the most difficulties, then you can try to use a topical cream or oil. Rub the cream directly on the painful area to soothe the discomfort. The effect of the drug will be limited to that area though, so think about another consumption method if you feel internal pain as well.

Take Advantage of the Munchies

Pain is a signal that is produced by the body when you are injured or ill. As the body starts to fight off the illness or the injury heals, the pain reduces as the body no longer needs to send an alarm signal that something is wrong. This means that one of the best ways to fight your pain is to make sure that your body is healing as quickly as it needs to. The body needs energy to heal, and energy is created by the foods you eat. Unfortunately, both radiation and chemotherapy cause a loss of appetite. Luckily, medical marijuana has the opposite affect and causes you to regain your appetite. Scientists believe that this is the case, because marijuana enhances your sense of smell and taste.

You should take advantage of your increased appetite while using medical marijuana by filling your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, items high in protein, and foods with healthy fats.

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