Reasons For Your Entire Family To Visit A Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is often used as an effective way to get over an injury or rehabilitate after surgery, but it's a worthwhile idea to consider booking an evaluation with this health professional even if you're feeling healthy. In fact, there's a strong likelihood that seeing a physical therapist can benefit each member of your family for a variety of different reasons. This includes your children, you and your spouse, and even your elderly parents. Talk to some people in your circle of contacts who can recommend a physical therapist, and then schedule an appointment to discuss how this form of therapy can be beneficial. Here are some reasons for each member of your family to visit a physical therapist.


While there are certainly many benefits to scheduling physical therapy sessions for your child if he or she has various health issues, this type of treatment can also be useful for a child who is health overall. Physical therapy can improve a child's balance; this can be helpful for young children who tend to fall a lot, as well as older children who are growing quickly and may feel a little uncoordinated. Physical therapy exercises can also help to improve a child's range of motion. This is especially valuable if the child is an athlete, as his or her performance may increase and the risk of injury may decrease.


Physical therapy is valuable for adults for many different reasons. If you sit at a desk all day, your muscles may be tight. This can lead to some mild aches and pains, but not necessarily anything that compels you to seek medical treatment. The exercises that your physical therapist puts you through can work the muscles that are stagnant when you have a sedentary lifestyle. These exercises can often release endorphins that can help your mood, which is an additional benefit of attending physical therapy — especially if you have a high degree of stress in your life.

Senior Citizens

Many seniors turn to physical therapy after joint replacement surgery, but you can think about booking appointments for your elderly parents even if they haven't had such procedures done. Balance is a big concern for the elderly community; falling due to poor balance may lead to an injury that prematurely lands your parent in a retirement or nursing home. Senior citizens also experience muscle atrophy as they age, but working their muscles through the exercises taught at physical therapy can help to retain their strength.