Eating Tips For Before And After Physical Therapy

If you need to go through physical therapy for whatever reason, there is a good chance that you want to get better as soon as possible. Your injury is likely keeping you from playing the sports that you love, training at the gym, or just moving around without pain. Your body is going to need to rebuild the muscle that you might have lost as a result of your injury. This means that it is going to need the right fuel to rebuild. Here are some tips for what you should be eating before you go to physical therapy and after you return home.

1. Two to Three Hours Before Exercise:

When it is two to three hours before you exercise, you will need to make sure that you are eating lean proteins, carbohydrates that are complex rather than simple, and healthy fats. These are the different sources of energy that your body needs. The fats are for lubrication and to make sure that your brain stays strong. The carbohydrates are the fuel that your body is going to burn while you are going through the movements that are needed to break down your muscles so that they heal up more strongly. The proteins are what your body is going to need to physically rebuild that muscle.

You want to eat all of these foods ahead of time in order to make sure that they are actually all digested before you start working out. This will help you decrease any nausea that you might feel. 

2. An Hour Before Exercise:

If you are feeling hungry, eat a light snack the hour before you go to physical therapy. This should be something small and light, such as a few nuts or a small apple. The goal of this food is to simply keep you from feeling uncomfortable while you are at physical therapy.

3. Within an Hour After Exercising

Finally, be sure that you are eating protein protein within the hour after you finish your physical therapy appointment. You need protein to heal the microtears that the physical therapy has left in your muscles so that they can grow back stronger. Also get some carbohydrates in so that you can make sure that you have energy for the rest of your day.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in physical therapy. They might have suggestions for your particular body type.