Traumatic Brain Injury Can Cause Serious Long-Term Brain Dysfunction But Target-Driven Care Is Now Being Used

When a mechanical outside force strikes a destructive and violent blow to your head, the destruction can seem temporary as symptoms may come and go. Although your brain is covered by a pretty tough and strong skull, the damages from a severe and sometimes penetrating hit to your head has far-reaching consequences that may leave you with devastating brain injuries. One of the most severe brain injuries following a motor vehicle accident is traumatic brain injury (TBI). However, a new model of treatment called target-driven care now awaits you when you suffer a traumatic brain injury. 

Mild Symptoms Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Milder symptoms of traumatic brain injury will generally cause temporary dysfunction of your brain symptoms. However, if a CT scan reveals that you have bruising, torn tissues or bleeding, among other serious damages to your brain, the finding could pose a complicated process of long-term brain dysfunction. The dysfunction could ultimately cause you to die.

What Causes Traumatic Brain Injury?

If you suffer a severe head injury, there's the distinct possibility that the blow to your brain could create numerous points of damage while your brain is moving to and fro in its skull. Here's where movement danger lurks. You can have a tearing of cellular structures if there's severe spinning and rotational movement of your brain. Damages to your brain will also render irreparable damage to blood vessels and associated protective tissues surrounding your brain.

Target-Driven Care Model Of Treatment Right Now

There is no effective and available therapy for TBI as of now. So should you suffer this type of injury, you'll be treated with a mixed combination of rehabilitation and surgery along with medicinal treatments as well. Treatment of TBI is basically influenced by evidence-based guidelines that are given through target-driven care. Researchers are saying that the best outcomes for you are driven by target care. Their philosophy is that TBI patients are better off being admitted to specialist neurosurgical centers that promote goal-targeted therapy and intensive care services. In that scenario, you can start receiving early observation, and objective abnormalities can also be given special attention.

Leading Cause Of Mortality And Consensus Of Opinion

Note that traumatic brain injury is thought to be the leading cause of morbidity and mortality of children and young people in developed countries. Incidences of this type of injury are also growing among the elderly as well. A consensus of opinion is that improved treatment of traumatic brain injury patients will be realized by way of understanding physical changes in the brain that occur at microscopic and molecular levels once your brain is subject to trauma.

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