Tips For Using Technology To Help Care For Elderly Relatives

If you have relatives that are getting older, you might be worried about them living on their own. This can be difficult because you know that they want to be independent and you might not currently have the money to get elderly care home services for them at this time. While you are gathering the money and working with the insurance of your aging relatives, you probably want to add some monitoring somehow to make sure that your loved ones remain healthy and safe. Luckily, technology has helped make this a lot easier. Here are some tips for using technology to help care for elderly relatives while you wait for their home-care insurance benefits to kick in.

1. Invest in Wearables for Your Loved One

There are products on the market like watches or necklaces that have a number of tracking functions that you and your aging loved ones can pay attention to in order to monitor overall wellbeing. Heart rate is able to be tracked and logged. With the permission of your loved one, you might want him or her to get set up with some sort of wearable that will be able to send information about his or her heart rate to the cloud so that you can check it regularly or set up alerts if it goes above or below certain thresholds. This wearable should also include a button that your loved one can use to send a message to emergency care services or to your cell phone in case an emergency occurs.

2. Teach Your Aging Loved One to Order Cars 

The sharing economy makes it easier for you to get affordable vehicles to pick up your loved one if he or she is unable to drive. Get your elderly relative a smartphone and teach him or her how to use it to order cars for him or herself. Go on a few practice runs with your loved one to make sure that he or she is able to use it successfully. Write down a detailed list of instructions on how to use it. All of this will allow your loved one to be more independent and not have to wait to get home health care in order to get to doctor's appointments or go see his or her friends.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in elderly care, like Polish Helping Hands. They might have other ideas for ways to use technology to help take care of your loved one.