4 People Who Can Help You Continue Enteral Nutrition After You're Discharged From The Hospital

If you or a loved one has been hospitalized and are receiving enteral nutrition which will continue after discharge, you may feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are a few professionals who can help you get settled in and provide you with the information and equipment you'll need to continue enteral nutrition.

Nutrition trainer

After you are discharged, all enteral feedings will need to be done by yourself or by a loved one. It is crucial for the person who will give the enteral feedings to be trained to do so and to understand the various types of issues and complications that may arise when giving enteral nutrition and how to deal with them. The person in charge of feedings and the patient will meet with a nutritionist and possibly a nurse who specializes in patient education of enteral nutrition.

Discharge planner

Before getting discharged from the hospital, you will be assigned a discharge planner. Discharge planners work with patients who require more extensive care after discharge. They coordinate the various follow-up appointments that may be needed, help you order the supplies and equipment you'll need, and determine if there is a need for a home evaluation to determine whether or not additional training on how to give enteral feedings is necessary.

Medical equipment supplier

You'll need an immediate delivery of supplies and equipment so enteral feedings can begin as soon as you are discharged to go home. Therefore, the discharge planner will need your home address for delivery. You will be given a date and time of the expected delivery so you can make sure someone is there to accept the supplies and equipment. Of course, as with many things related to healthcare, the discharge planner will keep your health insurance coverage first and foremost in their mind. That way, you aren't hit with unexpected costs for uncovered equipment and supplies.

Medical courier

In order to continue assessing your health condition and to determine whether or not you are getting the nutrition you need, you will need to send in samples to a laboratory. You can hire a medical courier to deliver the samples for you so you don't have to continuously go to a medical facility during your recovery. The testing supplies you'll need can be ordered through any medical equipment and supplies company and may include blood sugar test strips, and urine and stool sample containers. Your nutrition trainer will show you how to use the testing supplies and how to properly secure them for transport by the medical courier.

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