5 Ways To Mediate Allergy-Induced Asthma

Allergy-induced asthma is definitely something you want to avoid as it can make daily living much harder on yourself. Plus, you can end up dealing with serious consequences, such as a breakout of hives or being sick in bed for at least a few days if not more. In order to help yourself combat these issues, here are five things you can do:

  1. Check the Pollen Counts: First off, you should check the pollen counts in the area in which you live. The local weather forecast should tell you this or there are even apps you can download on your smartphone to help you see this, as well. If the pollen counts are high, then it's best to avoid excessive outdoor activities that could stimulate allergy induced asthma. 
  2. Be Mindful of Humid Weather: Chances are, humid weather in your area means higher pollen counts. If you notice that it's humid outside or excessively hot, avoid outdoor activities. Even if you notice that the pollen count doesn't indicate that it's that high today, it's better safe than sorry since weather changes during the day can change this. 
  3. Open the Windows and Run the AC: While this doesn't seem like the best thing to do as far as energy efficiency goes, it's still good for the benefit of your health. You should do this when the pollen counts are high because it will blow the pollen out of your home instead of allowing it to become trapped inside. 
  4. Be Dust Free: Vacuuming and dusting on a regular basis are extremely important when you suffer from allergy induced asthma. Be sure that you are doing this regularly and not when you notice that it needs to be done. If you wait too long, when you go to vacuum and dust, it can be harmful to your health because it will blow all the build-up of dust around your home. Not all of it is going to be removed. 
  5. Keeping the HVAC System Clean: Finally, you want to be sure that you are cleaning the HVAC system more regularly than usual. Most homeowners change the air filters every three months. However, when you suffer from allergy-induced asthma, it's better to do this every month for the benefits of your health. 

With these five tips in mind, you can easily mediate allergy-induced asthma, which prevents you from having to deal with extreme symptoms, especially during certain seasons of the year.