The Advantages Of Using Portable Ultrasound Machines

An ultrasound uses sound waves at high frequencies to get an image of the inside of your body. Most of the time it is done to detect injuries, diagnose illnesses, help doctor's guide needles during certain procedures, or check fetal health. With the advances in technology, ultrasounds have changed dramatically throughout the decades. The images are brighter and more thorough. The images come in 3-D or 4-D images, which really helps the medical professionals see a clear picture of the inside of the body. Ultrasounds have become so advanced, they even have portable designs available. This guide goes over some of the portable ultrasound devices and their features.

Mobile Devices

One of the options for portable ultrasounds is an ultrasound that connects to your smartphone or tablet. Some designs use the headphone jack to connect, while others use the charging port to connect. If you want to buy a more advanced version, there are also Bluetooth ultrasounds devices. The wireless design of these models makes them easier to use, compared to the wired ultrasounds that have short cords that may prove to be inconvenient. Before buying a portable ultrasound for your device, make sure the one you are purchasing is compatible with your device.

Emergency Rooms

Many emergency rooms are now using portable ultrasound machines for patients that require an ultrasound scan. Before portable designs were available, the patient would be required to visit the imaging department of the hospital, which is not always staffed all hours of the night like emergency rooms are. Many smaller hospitals or clinics only have ultrasound technicians available certain days or hours. The portable ultrasound machines mean that everyone can give an ultrasound to the patients that need it. The machines are easily wheeled from room to room and give quick, accurate results.

Private Practices

Private practices may not be able to afford a full-time ultrasound technician at their clinic. By using portable ultrasounds, they can still provide the services to their patients. This is extremely beneficial for clinics that see pregnant women and need fetal scans throughout the pregnancy. Portable ultrasounds are a lot more convenient to store, which can be a huge advantage for small clinics with limited space.


Ultrasound images should be reviewed by a medical professional or someone who has been trained to read ultrasound scans. It is not wise to try to use portable ultrasounds at home to try to self-diagnose illnesses. You should always follow the directions exactly in order to use the machine safely.

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