Everything You Need To Know Before Your First Indoor Cycling Class

Riding a bicycle could be deemed as one of the best ways to get a really good workout. You get the challenge of pedaling up hills to build your leg, thigh, and glute muscles and the added advantage of slow-and-steady cardio. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in an area where heading outdoors on a bicycle every day to get a good workout would be a feasible option. You may live in an urban area with no place to ride or live in an area where the weather is not ideal for outdoor exercise. Thankfully, you can find indoor cycling classes in most locations. But before you sign up for your first class, it is important that you know what you should expect. 

It can be a good idea to reserve your bike online. 

Most indoor cycling centers have a multitude of bikes to accommodate many customers. Therefore, the class can be pretty full when you go for the first time, and you may prefer to have a seat in a particular part of the room. For example, a lot of newcomers prefer to be toward the front of the class so they can see and hear the instructor better in their first few classes. It is a good idea when you sign up to go ahead and reserve a seat. 

Make sure you know what to wear before you go. 

Cycling can be one major workout. So much so that you will sweat a great deal. Therefore, it will be important that you wear clothing that is comfortable, moisture-wicking, and tight-fitting. Avoid big baggy t-shirts or loose-fitting workout or gym shorts. They can absorb moisture and make you feel weighed down while you workout. Plus, while you move quickly on the bike, the clothing will move around and get in your way. 

Get to the class early enough to adjust your bike to your body shape. 

All stationary cycling bikes are made in a way that they can be adjusted to be the most comfortable and accommodating for the rider. The handlebars, seat, and pedals can usually all be adjusted. On the day of your class, get to the facility a little early so you can take your time and find the most comfortable settings for your body. It can be really difficult to stop in the middle of class to get off and adjust your bike because it is not where it needs to be. 

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