4 Uses For Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has been demonized as a drug for many years, but public opinion is finally coming around to the benefits of this wonderful plant. Cannabis can be used medicinally, in order to treat many terrible ailments. It shows promise in helping cancer patients and those suffering from epilepsy, in addition to helping to soothe anxiety and depression. Here are just a few uses for medical marijuana:

1. Appetite Stimulation

People can lose their appetite for many reasons, from physical ailments to mental illness. Anxiety, depression, and anorexia can all cause loss of appetite. Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can also cause patients to stop eating due to nausea. Marijuana is a safe and effective way to stimulate the appetite. After ingesting cannabis, many patients report regaining the desire and ability to eat. This can allow underweight patients to gain weight in a healthy and pleasant way.

2. Pain Management

Cannabis can also help people who suffer from chronic pain as a result of arthritis, cancer, or other conditions. Smoking or vaping is the most fast-acting method of ingestion, for pain relief purposes. According to Pain Physician Journal, marijuana can relieve symptoms of pain in as little as 7 minutes. That makes it much faster than oral pharmaceutical painkillers. Unlike opiates, cannabis carries no risk of physical dependency, making it a safer alternative for long-term pain management.

3. Epilepsy Treatment

People who suffer from epilepsy, unfortunately, need to deal with chronic seizures. These seizures can be debilitating, making it difficult to accomplish daily tasks without interruption. Fortunately, cannabis can help epileptic patients by treating their condition. Marijuana use can reduce the number of seizures an epileptic person experiences, increasing their quality of life. It has even been used with great effect for children, using strains of cannabis with low THC. 

4. Anxiety Relief

Chronic anxiety can be incredibly difficult to live with. People with severe anxiety may have a hard time functioning at work or even leaving the house. The drugs made to treat anxiety are often addictive and may come with unwanted side effects, such as a loss of libido. Marijuana can be used to treat anxiety, with minimal side effects. Strains high in cannabidiol, in particular, are ideal for relieving chronic anxiety disorders.

Medical marijuana can be purchased from a local cannabis dispensary. Once you get a doctor's approval, you are eligible for a medical marijuana card. That card will allow you to buy cannabis from a dispensary, so you can treat your medical condition.