Procedures To Follow After Strangulation

Strangulation can be non-fatal, but it still can have tremendous effects on one's physical and emotional wellbeing. If you're a victim dealing with this incident, you want to follow this protocol as best you can.

Get Medical Treatment

Being choked can have all kinds of negative health effects, such as cognitive impairments, vocal cord damage, and even vision issues. You need to seek medical treatment after strangulation has occurred, even if you think you're dealing with minor symptoms.

Strangulation nurses are available in particular to help you as the victim make a recovery physically. You'll get on a treatment plan and, as long as you take it seriously, you can limit the effects of strangulation. You may still be dealing with the emotional effects after this event, but at least you'll make a physical recovery, and that's a good first step.

Start Documenting

Even if the strangulation occurred just one time, it's still important to report the incident. You may need proof if you decide to take legal action against the person responsible for this choking incident. 

When you receive medical treatment, the treating physician should document your injuries with pictures. They'll detail the exact physical damage that was done, whether it's redness around the throat, bloodshot eyes, or bruises. 

Then, if you decide to take this strangulation incident to court, there will be proof that choking did indeed occur, and that's paramount in getting justice.

Talk to a Domestic Violence Counselor

You may recover physically from this strangulation, but emotionally, it may take a lot longer to heal. You can deal with the emotional effects a lot better by working with a domestic violence counselor that has helped victims in your shoes deal with what happened. 

Your counselor can help you grasp what happened and figure out ways you can cope with post-traumatic stress. They'll get you to a better state of mind, and that's important for living a normal life.

You'll also be able to hear success stories that the counselor has seen firsthand, giving you the confidence to push forward despite the injustice that was done to you.

Strangulation is something that many people face every day. If you're unfortunately a victim, how you go about this incident after it occurs is important. You want to do the right things because then it will be easier to move on and ensure it doesn't keep happening throughout your life. 

For more information about strangulation SANE, contact a local physician.