Why You Should Provide Industrial Hearing Tests for Your Employees

If you own an industrial operation, you need to be worried about employee hearing loss. Industrial noise can damage hearing, especially if your employees are continually exposed to the noise. One way to protect employee hearing is to provide industrial hearing tests as part of your routine procedures. This is especially important if your employees haven't had their hearing tested as part of their routine checkups. Here are four important reasons to provide industrial hearing tests for your employees. 

Improve Productivity

If your employees have experienced hearing loss as a result of industrial noise exposure, productivity may be at risk. Your employees can't work as effectively as they should when their hearing is Affected. Productivity can be affected in several ways. First, hearing loss makes it difficult for your employees to hear instructions properly, which means there's an increased chance of mistakes. Second, hearing loss increases the risk for miscommunication between employees, which increases the chances of productivity loss. Finally, hearing loss can undermine productivity through missed deadlines. To improve productivity, provide industrial hearing tests for your employees. 

Increase Workplace Safety

If you run an industrial operation, and your employees work in a noisy setting every day, you need to worry about workplace safety. You might not realize this, but hearing loss increases the risk for accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, when industrial equipment is involved, hearing-related accidents can have deadly consequences. To reduce the risk of hearing-related workplace accidents and injuries, be sure to provide industrial hearing tests for all of your employees. 

Reduce Worker Insurance Claims 

If you aren't taking steps to protect employee hearing, you could be looking at an increase in workers' compensation insurance claims. That's because you're responsible for hearing loss that occurs in the workplace, especially when you don't take steps to prevent the damage. One way to reduce workers' compensation claims relating to hearing loss is to ensure that your employees receive annual hearing tests. 

Monitor Employee Hearing Changes

If you're worried about employee hearing loss, now's the time to start the annual hearing tests. Hearing loss can happen a little at a time, increasing in severity with continued exposure to industrial noise. Unfortunately, most people don't have their hearing tested until they're experiencing a significant loss. That's where annual employee hearing testing comes into the picture. Annual industrial hearing tests allow you to monitor changes in employee hearing, which will ensure earlier access to treatment.