4 Things To Think About Before Committing To Breast Augmentation Surgery

Considering an investment in breast augmentation surgery? Taking time to think about what the outcome will mean for your life and what kind of changes you can expect should help make the decision easier. Here are four important things to think about before you commit to breast augmentation surgery:

A Change in Wardrobe

Because your body shape will change after breast augmentation surgery, chances are that you will have to replace at least part of your wardrobe to accommodate those changes. It is a good idea to create a written inventory of the clothing you own and use it to determine what should be replaced and what can stay in the closet. Talk to your doctor about the size changes you should expect after surgery so you have an idea of what types of clothing need replacements.

With this information in hand, you can figure out what kind of budget is needed to meet your wardrobe needs and factor that budget into your overall breast augmentation costs. If you don't know what changes are to come and can't gauge which clothes will need to be replaced, consider how much a few key pieces of clothing will cost to replace if necessary, and put that amount aside to be used after your surgery and as you see fit.

The Need for a Lift

Another thing to consider is that your breast augmentation won't get rid of any sagging issues on its own. If you want to get rid of drooping and create a fuller, rounder look, you may have to have a breast lift in addition to an augmentation. Depending on your doctor's schedule, surgery preferences, and on-site tool access, you may or may not be able to schedule a breast lift at the same time as your augmentation, so talk to them early about your options. Your doctor might require you to schedule your surgeries weeks early if you want to have them done at the same time, so consulting with them about both options right away will give you the time and information needed to plan accordingly.

Life Expectations

While a breast augmentation will change the way you look and likely improve your self-esteem and confidence, you can't expect the surgery to completely change your outlook on life. Sure, you'll feel better about yourself and probably get more positive attention in social settings, but you will still have the same household problems, work issues, and friendship challenges that you've always had.

Because of this, it's important to keep in mind that having your breasts enlarged will benefit your life but won't change it overall. Consider making a list of the parts of your life you think a breast augmentation will realistically change, and the parts that probably won't be affected much, if at all. This will give you an outline to refer to that will help set your expectations as your procedure gets near.

New Exercise Routines

You can also expect your exercise routines to change, at least for a while after breast augmentation surgery, until you get used to your new body size and shape. You might find it more comfortable to walk or bike instead of jog until you get used to the new feel of your body. You may find that you no longer enjoy the bouncy tactics of playing tennis, and decide to take up yoga instead. Be prepared to switch things up after surgery, and start making a list of physical activities you can try once you're healed up and ready to exercise again.

Making these considerations should help ensure that the final decision you make about getting breast augmentation surgery is the right one for your personal needs and preferences. To learn more about breast augmentation, check out websites like http://christinenygaard.com/.