6 Course Categories In Continuing Education For Estheticians

Regulations for those who work as licensed estheticians vary by state, but all states require continuing education for estheticians. The majority of states require a certain number of hours of coursework in order for an esthetician to qualify for license renewal. Following is a list of subjects that are commonly found among continuing education options for estheticians. State Cosmetology Laws State legislatures enact new laws every few years, making it important for those who work in industries that may be affected by those laws to keep as current as possible.

How To Crowdfund Your Braces

Braces can be one of the largest non-emergency medical expense many parents have to pay for their children, and many times children go without braces because their parents cannot afford them. While not all braces are medically necessary, crooked teeth can hurt a child's developing confidence, and overcrowding in the mouth can make it difficult to properly clean the teeth, resulting in cavities. If you think your orthodontist recommends braces and you think you need them, there are many ways to get assistance paying for your braces.

5 Sports That Could Cause You To Say, "Oh, My Aching Back!"

The leading cause of disability in Americans under the age of 45 is back pain. Back injuries can be caused by strain and pressure placed wrongly on the 26 bones of the spinal column. Sometimes, low back pain is due to sports-related injuries and accidents. Here are 5 sports that can cause back pain. Horseback Riding Horseback riders often experience back pain. In fact, as many as 48% of the 108 riders in one study suffered from lower back pain.

Forgotten Teens: How To Cope With Your Grandparent's Alzheimer's Disease

If your beloved grandparent loses his or her memory to Alzheimer's disease, you may feel helpless that you can't help him or her remember who you are. The helplessness may turn to anger because your loved one will eventually forget everything about his or her life as well. Your loved one's deteriorating health can affect you in numerous ways, including the way you feel about yourself as a teen. But as your grandparent receives the care he or she needs, you should also seek help and guidance.