Can Physical Therapy Help With A Bulging Spinal Disc?

Having a bulging disc in your spine is undeniably painful and frustrating. With this condition, the cushy tissue that is meant to act as shock-absorbency in your spine bulges outward and affects surrounding nerves. Depending on the location of the extrusion, you may experience pain in your back, legs, neck, and even your arms. While there are surgical options for a bulging or herniated disc, the efficacy of these procedures can vary and back surgery of any level can come along with risks.

Mobile Cannabis Dispensary: Nausea And Headaches

If you suffer from chronic nausea or headaches and have tried traditional pharmaceutical treatments, a mobile cannabis dispensary might be able to give you a natural alternative to manage your symptoms. When it comes it cannabis products designed to treat nausea and headaches, you need to find the right strain and potency of cannabis to get the best results. Here are some steps to take when utilizing a mobile cannabis dispensary to treat nausea and headaches.