Overactive Bladder Services: 3 Things To Jot Down In A Bladder Diary To Reveal Lifestyle Patterns

Overactive bladders can significantly impact your life and prevent you from feeling confident in yourself even when performing normal day-to-day activities. It leads to a strong urgency to urinate and even urinary incontinence at times depending on the person. Unfortunately, this condition is all too familiar for over 30 million American men and women. While treating overactive bladders with either medication, exercise or other forms of treatment, it would do you a lot of good to keep a bladder diary.

4 Things To Think About Before Committing To Breast Augmentation Surgery

Considering an investment in breast augmentation surgery? Taking time to think about what the outcome will mean for your life and what kind of changes you can expect should help make the decision easier. Here are four important things to think about before you commit to breast augmentation surgery: A Change in Wardrobe Because your body shape will change after breast augmentation surgery, chances are that you will have to replace at least part of your wardrobe to accommodate those changes.

3 Things to Know to Stop the Self-Sabotage of Parental Guilt

A little guilt can sometimes be a good thing, driving people to stay honest, do better and keep on the right path; however, a parent's guilt is oft exaggerated by their fierce drive to want nothing but the best for and from their children. Here are five ways in which you might be feeling guilty as a parent and why you are probably wrong about most of them: 1. You Can't Buy Your Child Everything They Want

Understanding Heart Murmurs In Children

Discovering your child has a heart murmur can be a frightening time for any parent. You are probably worried that your child may die unexpectedly or that they won't be able to live a normal lifestyle. While these fears are normal, they probably aren't justified.  Heart murmurs are common in childhood, affecting a large percentage of the population, according to the American Heart Association. Most of these heart murmurs are innocent murmurs that do not pose a danger to your child's health.

6 Reasons Play Therapy Can Help Traumatized Kids

When children survive a traumatic experience, they often need the help of a professional counselor to make sense of what happened to them and express their feelings about the situation. Talking about trauma can be very difficult for children, and sometimes they are not developed enough to understand what is expected in traditional therapy. Play therapy is an innovative way to provide treatment to children who have been through something frightening or harmful that uses children's instincts for play.