Tips For Having A Viewing When Having Someone Cremated

If you have opted for cremation after a loved one has passed away, you might be thinking about still having a viewing of the body at the funeral service. Many people choose to do this, and it might be the right decision for your family. After all, a viewing will make it possible for your loved one's friends and family members to say goodbye, and it can make the service feel more traditional. These tips will help if you're going to be having a viewing when having someone cremated.

Let the Funeral Home Know About Your Plans

Don't assume that the funeral home will already know that you want to have a viewing of the body at the funeral service. Some people opt for this when they choose cremation for their loved ones, but many people don't. Make sure that you talk to someone from the funeral home to let them know that you have made this decision.

Be Prepared to Pay a Little More

You should expect to pay a little more if you decide on a viewing at your loved one's funeral. You will need to rent a casket from the funeral home for your loved one, and someone will have to be paid to dress your loved one and prepare the body for the service. Even though this will add to the cost, you may still find that the funeral-related costs are still fairly reasonable since cremation is generally considered to be the more affordable option when compared to a traditional burial.

Choose Clothing for Your Loved One

You might have a certain outfit in mind that you would like for your loved one to be wearing during the viewing. If you don't, you will want to decide on an outfit beforehand. Many people choose to have their loved ones dressed up for the viewing, so you may want to pick a nice dress or suit for your loved one to wear. However, you can also change things up; if your loved one has a favorite outfit, you could choose that for the viewing, even if it's not a dressy outfit. If you are having trouble deciding, you may want to take a look through your loved one's closet or talk to a few family members for ideas.

Many people choose to have a viewing during the funeral service, even if they plan on having their loved one cremated. Follow the tips above if you need help with planning this process.