Use A Podiatrist To Improve Athletic Performance

An athlete's feet contribute significantly to his or her performance. The way the feet move and absorb energy can change as a result of injury or training loads.

Podiatrists are becoming more and more common in athletic settings. These specialists can help provide better care for the feet by addressing specific concerns and treating injuries properly. You can use a podiatrist to help you improve your athletic performance by taking advantage of the unique services these doctors offer.

Anatomical Evaluation

A podiatrist can help you prevent injury by evaluating the anatomical makeup of your foot. The way that your foot is shaped, the way the tendons and bones connect, and the way the foot is attached at the ankle can all influence your susceptibility to injury.

Issues like asymmetry can be identified by a podiatrist, and specialty orthotics can be prescribed to help correct these anatomical flaws to eliminate the weak points they create. You may find that you experience greater comfort and fewer injuries when you rely on the anatomical evaluation of a podiatrist before any competition.

Gait Analysis

In addition to determining if your anatomical makeup predisposes you to injury, a podiatrist can use gait analysis to help you improve the strength and stability of your feet. Gait analysis allows a podiatrist to see how your feet function when they are in motion.

Potential problems, like the uneven distribution of weight or excessive pronation, can be identified through gait analysis. It is helpful to have a podiatrist evaluate your gait at both a walk and a sprint. These baseline readings can prove useful in evaluating whether you have fully recovered your normal range of motion after an injury.

If your gait analysis shows any issues that might contribute to an injury over time, the podiatrist can recommend physical therapy and specialized inserts to hep correct your gait.

Footwear Recommendation

Many types of sports require that athletes wear special shoes to help enhance their performance. Whether you are relying on cleats or sneakers, the shoes you wear must provide adequate support if you want to protect yourself against injury.

A podiatrist who specializes in the treatment of athletes will be intimately familiar with the effect shoe design can have on your specific foot anatomy. He or she can recommend footwear that will work to give you the stability and support needed to perform your best during each competitive event you participate in.

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